Google Searching All Readers

Excuse me, could I have your assistance, please?

So, I have a friend* who needs some help finding bloggers who share her predicament.  She has joined an already established family and is feeling the pressures of being a mom to kids that she did not raise (I believe they call it a blended family?).  She feels she’s stepping into their life and not her own, new life.  Do any of you guys know of a blogger (or bloggers, plural) that she could connect with for help?

I could do a search on this, but I feel like my readers and the bloggers in my own pool will know better than a random search.  So I’m calling out to everyone who reads any of my posts or who follows me, to find out if there’s someone out there in the same situation, as I’d like to send you her way.

Thank you.

(*NO – it’s totally not me.  That’s the truth, really.)


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