20 Minutes Till Take-Off

whats the time where you live?mention the place too.

It’s 5:39 am.
Time to Leave for Work and Not Be Late:  6:00
Things I Have Done So Far To Facilitate Leaving:  none.

Went to the psych on Monday.  Said I’m hypomanic.  Trying hard to just ride the wave, but honestly, it’s been difficult.  I’ve wanted to write the past couple of days to let you know how it’s been going, but I haven’t had a chance due to the multiple distractions I experience per each and every minute of my waking life.

–  “Ohh!  I’m going to write a letter to my former friend from high school who doesn’t even remember that I exist!”
–  “Oooh!  Let’s play Grand Theft Auto and ride the boat all the way out to sea!”

–  “Oh!  Let’s talk to this stranger and ask them 20 questions about their past!  We’ll just see where it goes!”

–  “Oh, I know!  We can run-play-smash-eat-dance-shake-jump-beatbox!”

It’s been distracting, being in this mind of mine.


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