Fighting For My Happy (Day One)

Alright, ladies and gents…here it is.  Drumroll, please.  Trumpets, go!

Not to be too over the top, but I’m pretty excited about this new stage.  Details:  I saw my heart beating right in front of my face 2 days ago, then I saw a sleep specialist.

Long story condensed:  I am having health problems, and if I were to quit smoking (cigarettes), start eating right, and start exercising, I will get better. (Who knew?!)  And so this is Day One.

Me:  Holy be-jeezus, I have to quit smoking?  WHAT?!  What have I done?  Oh, what have I done.  This is a mistake.  This is not a good solution.  “Disassemble, disassemble, nooooo!!!” (this is a Short Circuit reference, movie from the 1980s.  Don’t look it up.  It’s really not worth your time, unless you’ve already seen it when you were between the ages of 5-12.  In that case, look it up and rewatch it again and again and again cause if you’re like me, it will inspire you and encourage you in all kinds of crazy ways.  Number Five ALIVE!)

I’ve gotta do this people.  I’ve got to quit.  I’ve got to not put one more cigarette to my lips.  Why does talking about quitting make me want to have a cigarette 10 (billion) times more than when I wasn’t quitting?  Oh yeah…that makes sense.

So wish me luck.  I have some long-term goals in mind but I’m going to keep those to myself for now.  Cause I don’t want to blow it.  I’m promoting positive self-talk.  So shut up, Smoking Me.  The one who thinks she can’t do this.  The one who is currently convincing herself that this was a horrible idea, a terrible plan, a great disaster that will only lead to self-destruction in five, four, three, two….

No.  No more Smoking Me.  I am now LonLon558:  The Non-Smoker.  Trumpets, go!   Heave-ho!  Let’s do this!


…this is about to get really ugly….


One response to “Fighting For My Happy (Day One)

  1. Brilliant news, just please don’t put too much pressure on yourself because these things can go back and forth before we finally kick it, I know all too well girl trust me cigarettes and I were good friends for a long time. But you absolutely can do it and will do it if you keep up the positive attitude :)

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