Inner Peace


Soft guitar
The Temptations
Blue water crashing on the beach with rocks
Love, Peace, Pisces
Sharing with others.
Support groups.
Trees.  Quiet.  Peacefulness.
Friends.  House-warming party.  Talking.  Laughing.

My parent’s kitchen at night, with the light above the stove the only light in the room.  Remember when we used to feel?  Remember when I used to feel peace?  Happiness, calm.  Peace.

What is my life full of?  I yell.  I’m angry inside.  I twist and turn in my skin.  My old self looks at me and wants to take me in my arms and hug all of the snot and tears and grief inside of me and wipe it all away and set me back up on my feet again.

I want to take you away, let us go on an adventure together, let us travel together.  I never traveled.  I never got to get away.  I never had the chance.


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