On Writing

I kind of don’t know where to start.

I put off writing because so much time has passed, so many moments missed, so many details I wanted to share but didn’t have time to.  Or maybe I had the time but didn’t trust myself to use the right words.  To keep things positive, to express all the good times.

See, I write for me.  I write to alleviate the stresses and difficulties so that I can keep on keeping on.  So most of my journals are filled with disasterous moments, horrible thoughts, deep down dark secrets that I never want to reveal.

But it’s only because it helps me cope.  And then I can excuse myself from those negative thoughts and get on to take care of things, to keep moving and breathing and living.

So I sometimes feel conflicted about writing on this blog.  I sometimes worry that essentially all I’m doing is COMPLAINING.  But it’s how I process things.  I am not much concerned with the number of hits I get or the number of views or the comments I receive.  What I love, though, is that very thing.  Just the fact that someone took the time to read what I’ve written, and to sometimes have a real person, someone out there who is feeling the same feelings I am, reach out, sometimes from millinos of miles away, just to say, “I understand.”

Now that I’m writing, I want to post and post and post as I do.  I’m sure I’ll again go on hiatus.  But I’ll always come back.  And I’ll always appreciate the friendships I’ve made through blogging.  I know you’ll accept me back.  Because you always do.


4 responses to “On Writing

  1. I feel the same way about my journal. Like, what would future me think about present me complaining all the time?

    I’m happy you’re back and writing, although I haven’t had the chance to actively blog either (nope, no baby girl, just a demanding job!)

    Much love

  2. So happy you wrote back! Hope you are doing well. Do not stress too much about your job. I have been there and it is not worth it. Do your best and that is all you can ever do. Take care, I hope we can connect again, soon! Love, Loni

  3. Sometimes I feel absolutely devoid of purpose in anything i do..Only writing helps me wake up to an inner call to get up and get going. Some words bubbling inside are the only things that have the right energy to push through at most times.You are doing a great job writing.

    • Yes, exactly. I have heard others speak the same way about their urge to write. That is why I feel blogging fits for me so well, because I can pick and choose when I want to write, what I want to do with my writing (either save as a draft, hidden forever, or published to the blogosphere). Thank you for commenting on this post. I went to your blog and liked many of your posts – please keep sharing as I am now following you! Peace.

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