Blessings and Loss

Several random thoughts this morning:

1.  I am blessed.  Since listening to the Muslim speaker the other day, I have listened to a few other Muslim lecturers from SoundCloud and have been feeling inspired.  While I still feel mixed up in my practice of Islam (which I will go into further detail later on in this post or in future posts), I feel very positive about the direction my life is taking.

One of the lectures discussed the way in which human nature leads us to always desire more than what we have.  The speaker said, “If you give man a valley of gold, he will ask for another.  And if you then give him two valleys of gold, he will ask for three.”  We are never just simply content, unless we are grateful for the blessings and grateful for the mercy of Allah.

There was a mention of a sahaba who had to have his leg amputated.  He said to others that Allah had given him two arms and two legs, and he had taken away one leg, so still, Allah has “given me more than he has taken.”  Subhan’allah.  If only we could all think that way when faced with calamity or loss.

Allah has given me so much in this life.  I’ve been blessed with my boys, my husband, my parents, my sisters.  I’ve been given the gift of Islam.  I have my health.  I have a wonderful home to live in.  We have two cars, two jobs, and food to fill our stomachs.  I had a wonderful education.  Really, what else could I possibly ask for?  Allah has given me such a prosperous and comfortable life.

2.  I have been thinking about a childhood friend I had.  I used to help her in school, because she was dyslexic.  While the teachers didn’t have time for her, I would always give her my time.  We were very close.  We wrote letters to each other every day.

One of our childhood friends had died.  I couldn’t attend his funeral.  I’ve considered visiting his grave many times since his death.  I want to reach out to her because we haven’t connected for years, and certainly not since he died.

I wonder often what his soul is experiencing.  I also wonder about how he spent his life after we lost touch, what kind of experiences he had during his lifetime after we last saw each other.  I have fond memories of our friendship, and for those, I am grateful.


Although I haven’t wrapped up this post in a nice and neat way, I feel it was important to write, and also important to leave this open-ended.



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