Family and Cuddly Cats

My sister-in-law came over yesterday.  She talked to us, ate, and played with the kids.  She brought them each a glow stick – both of them went to bed with theirs.  We talked about the stress she is going through.  I told her I was depressed.  We wished each other better.

It was so good to see family, especially when you’re feeling low and really don’t care to see anyone.  Before she came, I had been covered up on the couch, hiding under the blankets, unable to speak to my husband nor play with my kids, who were practically begging me to get up.  (Okay, not “practically.”  Literally.)  When she arrived, we all sat in the dining room together and talked and laughed and played.  We showed her recent videos we’d recorded of the kids, and she took some pictures of her own.

So her visit gave me a brighter outlook.  She told us before she left that we are a beautiful family – we have nothing to be sad about.  Depression hits you in a bad way; even though you may not have a reason to be sad, it still clutches hold of you and won’t loosen its grip.  But she is right at the same time.  I do have a beautiful family – two fun-loving, hilarious boys who give me so much to love and be proud of, a caring, sympathetic husband who doesn’t put pressure on me when I’m feeling depressed, and a sweet ol’ cat who cuddles me (and does a whole lot of purring.)  Even though I still am sad inside, I know in my heart that I have many reasons to be happy.

This, too, shall pass.



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