Seinfeld, Four!

Seinfeld and cat videos.  These are the things that bring me joy.  You know, sometimes, life just gets you down so bad that you have to find something to take your mind off of things.  Something that can make you sit back, relax, and laugh.  Cause there are many, many things that drag us down, beat us up, knock us over and sweep our feet out from underneath us.  At times, we feel like it is just too much and we can’t begin to think of how to pick ourselves up.

So – we watch Seinfeld.

During the time while my grandmother lays in a hospital bed, not eating, not drinking, at the age of 93, slowly withering away, her skin shriveling, her body sinking into itself, my dad spends his days by her side, in her kitchen, supporting the family in whatever way he can.  When he returns home, he tells us how she is, what she looked like, who came over to visit.  He talks about her passage into the other world, about transitioning to the afterlife, about letting go.

And afterwards, we gather in the living room and watch episode after episode of Seinfeld.

We’ve all seen these shows repeatedly.  We know exactly what is coming before it happens.  We can probably say the punch lines by heart.  It is still funny.  And comforting.  And in times like these, it’s all you can do to keep from crying.


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