“Thank You, God.”

Last night I was talking to my son about God.  (I know that the proper name for God is Allah, but for some reason, I feel more comfortable referring to Our Creator as “God.”)  We were reading a Curious George book about the Dinosaur Museum.  George goes with The-Man-With-The-Yellow-Hat to a digging site and while George is getting into mischief, he creates a rockslide and accidentally uncovers a collection of dinosaur bones.

At the end of the book, there is a picture of the dinosaur bones all linked together to represent the dinosaur, with a photo of the actual dinosaur named “Georgosaurus.”

We looked at that picture, and Kareem asked me what those “holes” were in the skull, which led me to explain to him that our bodies are made up of bones, that these are our ribs, this is your leg bone, these are the bones in your fingers, in your hands, and even your head has its own bone – the skull.  He asked if our ears have bones and if his neck had bones, and we talked about how muscles are attached to the bones, and if we didn’t have bones, we’d be a big lump of jello pudding.

Then I explained that God made our bodies – our skin and our bones and our muscles.  At that point, he said “we should thank God.”  I said, “You’re absolutely right, we should thank God.  Go ahead, tell God thank you.”  He said, “How?” and I said, “You just say it.  God will hear you.”  “Out loud?” he asked.  “Yes,” I told him.

He said, “Thank you, God.”  We talked a little more about how God is everywhere and He sees everything.  How he is close to us, very, very close.  That He doesn’t sleep because He never gets tired.

We’ve never talked like this before about God.  I’ve mentioned God to him, but we never discussed the idea of God this in depth.  For a moment I worried it’s  confusing for him, the concept of an all-powerful Creator.  But something tells me he gets it.


2 responses to ““Thank You, God.”

  1. I feel so warm reading this because it brings me back to the days I was a kid and my mom would explain God to me. It is just an extremely comforting idea for children that there is a Higher Power in charge of everything that loves and takes care of them so much. I love how you said ‘something tells me he gets it.’ Our instinct is to be a believer :)

    • Ghadeer – I’m so glad you wrote, because I didn’t know how this post would feel to others. I’m pretty self-conscious (in addition to being a “worry-wart” and so I’m not always sure of myself in parenting AND in blogging! I feel more reassured that I’m on the right track, knowing my post reminded you of how your mom used to talk to you as a child to teach you your faith.

      And it is totally true – doubt doesn’t seem to be in our minds when we are kids – and believing in God comes easy to us. I didn’t start to question what I learned until I was in college. And that soul-searching time in my life is when I discovered Islam.

      I’m so glad I am a muslim and I am proud to be raising my son as a muslim. Even though I don’t have all the answers, I feel secure in knowing that our religion is the right way. I pray for Allah to guide me in raising my sons, give me the tools I need to teach them right from wrong, and help me to live a humble life so that I can be a positive example to them of how a muslim should be.

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