Autism Spectrum Disorder

An uninterrupted shower, coffee and a cigarette.

We took my son to the doctor this week.  A month ago, when he was visiting his regular doctor’s office, a new doc started asking me questions:

“Does he speak well to others?”
“Is he shy?”
“Does he play with other kids?”

I knew where this was going.  She wrote me a referral to visit a pediatric neurologist to determine if my son had an autism spectrum disorder.  I went home and searched everything I could about autism.  I read blogs, I researched symptoms, causes, everything.  I wanted to know if this was my fault somehow, if somehow, something I had done had caused him to have autism.

But today at the doctor’s office, after testing my son with flashcards, exercises, and asking many questions to us as parents, it was determined that he does not have autism spectrum disorder.  I breathed a sigh of relief.  I know there are many families out there that courageously take care of their special needs children with all that it entails.  I admire their strength and drive to do all that is best for their children.  I don’t know if I would have had the ability/energy to handle it all right now.  I feel I’m stretched as far as I can go, and having this to bear on my shoulders might have been too much to carry.

I feel blessed that my son doesn’t have to go through life with the stigma of autism.  Having gone through this experience, though, I feel more knowledgeable of autism and autism spectrum disorder, and for that I am thankful.


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