It’s Finally Saturday


I made it.

Yesterday when I got off of work, I went to a restaurant and had a nice sandwich.  I drove to a friend’s house and chatted with her and her family, then went off to my therapy appointment.

Therapy helped (for once) by helping me identify that what I’d been feeling all week was anxiety.  We figured out that if I can bring in a structured routine to my afternoons with the kids, it should help reduce what I’ve experiencing.  Also discussed different forms of relaxation – meditation, deep breathing, calming visualizations – in addition to positive self-talk.

All of this should help if I introduce it into my life.

All through therapy I felt twisted and breathless.  I was curled up in a ball on the chair and was pulling on my hair like I wanted to rip it out.  Once we were done talking, I was sitting in the chair like a normal person again and though my hair was frazzled thanks to me destroying it for an hour, I actually can admit I felt a little better.

My husband works till noon today and then he is off to spend the day with us again.  We are planning to go to the park and go fishing, so I’m looking forward to that.  It should be a relaxing day, which I need more than anything else.


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