Gray Clouds, Blue Skies


My husband encouraged me to go for a walk around town.

I didn’t want to.  I went anyway.  We pushed the baby around in the stroller, went to the bank, passed the hardware store, passed the bookstore, passed the ice cream shop, went to the post office.  The color of the blue in the sky was brilliant.  The sunlight shone down on our heads, hitting my son’s blond hair and making his eyes squint when he occasionally looked up at us from his seated position, craning his neck just to smile at us.

We got home and barbequed.  I ran to the store to grab a jar of pickles for our burgers and mayonnaise for our beef hot dogs.  I shooed the baby away from the knobs on the barbeque.  We grilled.  We ate.  Stomachs full.

I picked up my other son from school and as we drove home, he talked about his school day, how he played with the fire trucks and got to listen to a new book being read by his teacher.

Came home, Daddy left for work.  We all stood in the backyard and waved good-bye, shouted our love to him, told him we’d miss him as he drove away.

Went upstairs, watched Spidey the tarantula for a while.  Then came downstairs and packed our snacks – crackers, juice, fruit snacks.  Carried it all out to the wagon and strolled down to the park.  Ate snacks, slid down the slide, teeter-tottered and spent some time on the swings.

Blue skies turned to fiery orange as the sun set.  I felt peace in my heart as I laid down for bed last night.  We are truly blessed.


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