The Attic

Filled to the brim.  When we first moved here, the attic was a sanctuary.  It was untouched, wood planks running across the floor, bare and empty.  Now, it sits packed with old memories and baby clothes.  None of which I am ready to get rid of.  I like going up there, rummaging through the past, searching for items I had forgotten about.

I always want to go up there with my husband, just to spend time in a place that holds what we used to be, photos of us together in our first home, a glass swan he bought me when we were just dating.  Now that we are constantly surrounded on all sides by our children, we have very few moments where it’s just us.
The attic to me represents so many memories.  I like reminiscing about the times when we were young.

What item in your house brings back memories for you?  Is there a special part in your house you always like to be in?


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