A Breath of Fresh Air

I have had a journal since I was able to write.  I’ve kept most of them, aside from the pre-teen years (in fact, I think I burnt them to dispose of any evidence!)  Most of the time when I write, I write about the negative things.  Maybe this is because writing helps me through these experiences.  Or maybe it’s just that I have a negative way of thinking.

Either way, I’ve found that when I rewrite my writings to reflect positivity and good thoughts, I find the words to be inspirational, wonderful and uplifting.  So maybe in order to combat this bout of depression, I need to get more positivity in my life.

I tried replacing my negative words with words like hopeful, free, hope, happy, smile, survive, calm, at peace.  Reading these words out loud helps me to realize that things are not all that bad.  Because really, it’s all about perspective.  We can moan on and on about our complaints of the world and our lives, but if we really try, we can see the good things that benefit us.

Tell me, how do you create positivity in your own life?


3 responses to “A Breath of Fresh Air

  1. Thank you for all your encouraging comments :) They made my day!

    Funnily enough, I’ve noticed that about all my journal entries too. I don’t think it’s because you’re a negative person. I wouldn’t call myself one per se, but it’s probably a natural reaction (especially if you are somebody who doesn’t like to talk much about your problems) to get the things that have been bothering you off your chest when you come to write in private.

    It’s true that it’s important to stay positive and guard your thoughts, but at the same time, if you’re having a bad day and need to get the negativity out of your system, spill them all on paper. It might even be healthier than forcing yourself to turn every thought into a positive one…

  2. I think Ghadeer has a good point they say writing is a great way to tunnel your feelings. I always said that I would keep a journal and never really did so I’m really enjoying this outlet. What I do to creat positivity in my life is talk to people that are close to me that always helps because when I’m talking I also am talking to myself I find that helps me to stay for used . I love to walk outside on a nice day and that seems to relax me and put me in a positive space. When I feel good then I want to look good when I’m able to get my hair done and buy a nice outfit that puts me in a positive space at least for the moment

  3. Sorry type error I meant to say find that helps me stay focused lol typing on the ipad is sometimes a little tricky.

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