Depression Grip

Green tea tastes bitter between my lips
I struggle for some peace and quiet in this
busy world
Eying the sunlight that shines through the clouds
I wonder if I’ll ever see that as hopeful
As I continue down the road from where I came
Hearing the noise of the universe
circling around me I cringe
at the thought of facing another dawn
I try to wriggle free from the grip this depression
has on me but it is strong this one
holds its fingers tight around my waist
in its evil dance it waits
to catch my breath from my lungs
and suck me down into the dark depths
only Depression knows.


4 responses to “Depression Grip

  1. I have danced that tango with the demon named depression too many times to count. I am finally ready to leave the dance floor, you?

    • Yes, I am! I have started doing some positive affirmations that I read about online. I have started to tell myself: you are beautiful, you are creative, you are wonderful. Sort of to help boost my self-esteem. It’s nice :)

  2. Well Ms. depression has a way of gabbing a strong hold on us I can totally relate. I have to say I love the way that you express yourself you are so poetic the way you describe the way you feel is amazing. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you – I appreciate your comment. It’s funny, when I am feeling good, I can write anything. When I’m feeling down, I can barely express myself, except through poetry. So I find myself writing poetry during some down times, because it seems to be the only way I can release the feelings. I was scared to write poetry on my blog until I read other people’s blogs that have alot of poetry on them. Once I saw others doing it, I felt more comfortable to do it on my own blog.

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