Monthly Archives: January 2013


I tug at you and you follow me.  We approach life carefully nowdays, not wanting to disturb the fragile balance we’ve built between us.  I take hold of your sweater, with my palm wrapped around the crook of your arm.  We walk together, in unison only partially so, since you take longer strides to my meager steps.

I long to put my head on your shoulder and cuddle in.

I feel like there is a rumbling, grumbling inside me deep down in the pit of my being that is fighting to get out.  A deep, burning feeling that I want to release out of my chest cavity, allow it to escape so I can see it, touch it, feel it.

I’d like to understand how this fits into my psyche, does it fit into my psyche?  It feels painful to hold it inside, but I’m scared to let it out at the same time.

Depression Grip

Green tea tastes bitter between my lips
I struggle for some peace and quiet in this
busy world
Eying the sunlight that shines through the clouds
I wonder if I’ll ever see that as hopeful
As I continue down the road from where I came
Hearing the noise of the universe
circling around me I cringe
at the thought of facing another dawn
I try to wriggle free from the grip this depression
has on me but it is strong this one
holds its fingers tight around my waist
in its evil dance it waits
to catch my breath from my lungs
and suck me down into the dark depths
only Depression knows.