It’s always difficult for me to maneuver around Christmas.  Christmas cards, Christmas greetings, Christmas presents, Christmas songs, Christmas everythings.  It is difficult because as a revert to Islam, and one who no longer celebrates Christmas, I still am accosted by Christmas from every angle.  From well-intentioned family to the friendly co-worker, everyone has a bit to share during this gift-giving, fun-loving, merry holiday cheer-time.

I’m all for the good stuff of Christmas, not trying to be a downer, it’s just that it gets difficult, as I said, to maneuver around.  It’s hard to keep reminding your family, no, thank you – we don’t do Christmas.  It’s hard to tell co-workers and explain to them why you don’t celebrate.  It’s hard to be constantly be barraged with Christmas Everything.

So to my fellow converts, let me know if you have had a similar holiday experience!


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  1. I’m not a convert but have been experiencing the same difficulties. And no matter how nicely you try to explain its always ‘but its not even religious anymore’ and it is so hard to explain that that is besides the point Islam is perfect and I don’t need christmas…
    Oh and don’t get me started on christmas songs…

  2. Well although you know I’m not Islam but I feel the same way. Its hard for me because people don’t understand that you are still very happy even without the traditions of the holidays, they seem to think that you are missing out. I have celebrated when I was young and Christmas was actually my favorite holiday but if you love, gives gifts and spend time with family, and try to show love and kindness on a regular then you won’t miss one day of well wishes.

    • Exactly. My sisters-in-law always bug me around the holidays, they say that I am depriving my son of the joys of holidays. But I tell them all the time – our religion doesn’t approve of celebrating holidays (seeing as most of them are pagan-related holidays!) We celebrate Ramadan and that is supposed to be the only holiday we celebrate, Ramadan is the only Muslim holiday. So I take pride in celebrating that and I will make it a very special occasion for my sons when it comes.
      And we can always give gifts throughout the year, it doesn’t just have to be during Christmas time.

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