Oh, To Submit

The closer I get to Allah
The more I struggle
Shaytan seems to move closer
I hear him in my ears
whispering to try to keep me near
I fight for the sake of Allah
I battle – my heart in a state of jihad
always fluctuating, always mindful of sin
my heart wavers first this way than that
I try to overcome
the fears I have that hold me back
from doing good deeds
and pleasing our Creator.

Teardrops fall
As I strain
I remember
that Allah is closer to me
Than my own jugular vein.

Straighten up
Stand tall
Have no fear
I am near
I crawl to the corner
and pray


2 responses to “Oh, To Submit

  1. I really needed this right now. Beautiful poem that I can really relate to. May Allah bless you sis and keep you going strong. :) <3

  2. I need to pray more. I have not done my regular prayers for what seems like forever. I just haven’t been strong enough to do them – there are so many things holding me back. But really, it’s just myself, you know what I mean? Like, in my head, there’s so much that is stopping me, but it’s all in my head. If I just take that first step…

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