And wishing and hoping
for something you thought was halal
but Allah had other plans for you
Allah had better plans for you
a new path for you to take
a new path for your deen
You do not understand it


3 responses to “Poem

  1. Our life is one big story and sometimes you get stuck in what seems like an endless narrative of one chapter. Its only when you finish the book do you realize how meaningful and important that chapter was.
    MashaAllah tabarakallah I really like the poerty

    • I can see that happening; like right now is when my kids are little – I spend time with them and they brighten my days. So they are the meaningful and important part of this chapter of my life. And everything else just doesn’t matter.

      Someone told me the only thing that should matter is Allah and your family. Don’t worry about what other people are doing or saying, just take care of yourself and your family.

      I guess it’s just difficult right now cause I’m in a low part of my life. Even though I’m grateful for everything I have (especially my kids) it’s still hard to stay focused on all those blessings when there is so much struggle ahead of me.

      • The struggle IS the blessing sis. Never forget the struggle is always the blessing. It is the means to greater things , it is self purification, it is the harder paper and the better grade.
        May Allah make your children righteous and pious may you be blessed to read taraveeh behind them in the Kaba. May your life be grand and may you reach lofty heights in this world and the next.Prayer is the means to make all things better. I guess we all know the ultimate truth, with time all things will fall into place by the will of God

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