Why Am I Not Praying?

Why am I not praying?

Why am I not praying?

Prayer to me is, in a way, an act of meditation.  To me, it’s more of meditating with Allah.

You know, some people fear hearing Allah’s name used.  Some people don’t even like when you refer to God.  The world has become scared of religion.

One day I was sitting on the couch, quietly minding my own business, when suddenly a strong bolt of lightning struck and thunder pounded firmly in the skies.  It made me jump and in that single moment of fear I said to myself, “Oh God.”  We rarely get that feeling in this life, that feeling where you are scared, such as in the moment before a car accident, or perhaps you have a heart attack, clutching your hands to your chest you say to yourself, “oh God.”  And it’s in that moment that your true belief comes out.  Not what you tell yourself you believe, not in the labels we give ourselves, but in the true depth of your consciousness, what you really truly deep down feel in the pit of your cold heart.

I’m tired of fearing my religion.  I’m tired of putting the dunya before my religion.  I fear Allah, not the people.  I fear Allah, not the dunya.  The world might be scared of religion, but if I’m truthful to myself, then so am I, because these are the things that keep me from my prayers.


3 responses to “Why Am I Not Praying?

  1. wow. That’s so deep! May Allah bless you!

  2. Thank you to both of you for visiting my blog and for the blessings you’ve given me, wonderhoojab.

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