Another Reminder from Shaykh Al-Munajjid

19.  Constantly anticipating and being prepared for all possibilities:

This excerpt from the same Sheikh as I mentioned in the last post reminds us to be prepared for the big things – the loss of a loved one, the sickness of someone close to us, incurring a large debt, etc – but that a person must stay connected to the minor troubles, also.  You might be prepared for a major trouble as stated above, but forget to be prepared for minor troubles, and the person becomes “unduly worried and stressed by trivial problems.”

It goes on to say “The prudent person prepares to deal with both major and minor problems, and asks Allah to help him (or her) and not leave him (or her) to deal with it by herself for even the blink of an eye.”  The end result:  Calmness and serenity.

This is a reminder for myself.


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