Take Your Time

As a new Muslim, it has taken me several years to bring Islam into my life to the point where I am now.  Right now, I am eagerly wanting to soak up as much knowledge as I can from the Qur’an, which means learning Arabic.  Finally.  And I finally, finally put on hijab.  But this took me SIX YEARS!!!!  Six years.  I know some sisters who put hijab on the moment they took shahada (the oath for you to become muslim).  Six years.

So what I mean by this is don’t pressure yourself too much.  Take Islam in slowly, in bites that you can digest.  Putting on hijab has been a huge step in the process of my reversion (is that a word?) to Islam, so I encourage all new muslims to step into Islam slowly, don’t rush it.  It is a beautiful process, one that I cherish every day, but the urge to dive in headfirst is very strong and so slowing down is always a good reminder.


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