The Adhan

We are preparing to bring our newborn  baby into the world.  Part of that means announcing the adhan in the baby’s right ear and the iqamah in the left ear.  My husband carries the responsibility for this as we’ve decided he will be in a better position to calmly ensure this tradition is carried on, as we had with our first born also.


The purpose of announcing the call to prayer to the baby is so that the first words he or she hears are the invitation to Allah.  Also, whenever Allah is mentioned, Satan will retreat as he fears the name of Allah.  So in that sense, it is a protection for the baby also to be surrounded by Allah and the call to prayer.

I remember living in the city and hearing the call to prayer from the loudspeakers at the masjid.  There is nothing more compelling than to hear this throughout the neighborhood.  It draws you in with its tone and always made me feel like I was part of something greater.  The beauty of the call to prayer is that all over the world, millions of Muslims just like yourself are all gathering to bow down in prayer facing the same direction, bowing down in the exact same manner, using the exact same words, all at exactly the same time, all over the world.  Sometimes I would think of this when I would feel alone in Islam, when I would feel like I stood out when I would excuse myself for prayers or praying in front of others at work.  I would remember that an entire world of other muslims exist out there.

So in that respect, I invite my newborn into this world, into this community of muslims and invite him or her to adhere their prayers and join the beautiful faith of Islam.  I feel so blessed to have been given the gift of Islam in my life.  Alhumdulilla.


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