Is There Anybody Out There?

I haven’t posted anything nor responded to any comments on this blog for a long time.  I am not quite sure why.  Perhaps it is because life got busy.  I had my baby, who is now already 2 years old.  I’m working full-time (and then some).  Perhaps it is because I made the blogger’s ultimate-decision:  to share with family or not to share?  (I shared.)  Perhaps it is because I have not been close to my Muslim identity, not as close as I was throughout my pregnancy.

I have been struggling spiritually lately and I realized that part of my inner jihad comes from my lack of access to other Muslims going through the same things I am.  I know you are out there, I know how to get to you, but I have neither the time nor the resources to reach you.  Except through this blog.

When I was blogging, hearing from other Muslim readers and bloggers was such a support to me.  Living in an area (as many of us are) with a low population of Muslims, it has become much more difficult for me to find time to reflect, pray and worship with others who know, understand and care about the same things that I do.  I always felt a strong support from the online community of Muslim bloggers, and I am hoping to re-connect with some of the Muslims (and new sisters and brothers) that I used to converse with when I used to maintain this blog.

Forgive me for my absence and my desertion of “Ace is the Place.”  I truly desire to make more regular visits to this blog, not only for the support and friendship it has created for me, but also to provide guidance and wisdom to those who may be new to Islam and still learning their way around.

Thank you to those who return, and welcome to new visitors.


3 responses to “Is There Anybody Out There?

  1. Asalaamu alaikum,
    Good to see you up again! I am sorry you are in a rut though. Inshallah you’ll find a solution to find ease. I don’t know how you do it-working and a 2 yr old! What is your day like?
    I’m homeschooling, and supporting my husband who is in the final phase of school (no more easy city college–he’s in to the hard core UC system now). It’s ramped my life up a bit–dropping him off and picking him up. Last year I was stuck inside too much. Now, even though it feels like a lot, it is good to have a car and have free time outside. My kids are bigger now, which really helps (6 and 3). I’m not nursing anymore. We can easily eat out together, or go to the library, even take my time at thrift stores (a favorite pastime, which you can’t do with a 2 yr old). The 3 yr old is potty trained… A lot goes on in 2 yrs doesn’t it!?
    Congratulations on having a baby! Now a toddler, wow!
    I look forward to more posts.

    • Wow, 6 and 3! I’m glad to hear things are going well for you. I haven’t checked around your site yet, but I’m interested in knowing more about homeschooling. I’ve heard several people talking about it online and it’s making me really curious.

      Well, I’m taking a break and recharging myself this weekend to see if I can get the pieces of my life back together again. Looking forward to catching up on your blog, everything I’ve missed over the past 2 years!

      Take care and thanks for writing.

  2. Myhijabpinhatesme

    Salaam Alikom!


    I see by the dates of these posts that you are probably still busy and away rushing around. My prayer is that you are busy also with the things that make you happy and fulfilled in life and faith.

    This is my first Ramadan, and today I am really bummed because I was looking forward to the all-night prayers at the Islamic Center, but my period started for the second time this month.

    Soooo not fair!

    Apparently stress can cause an increase in cortisol which can trigger extra periods and even periomenopausal symptoms in women my age. (Honestly, I’m only 44!)

    I’m not Muslim, but am planning on going to Morocco and wanted to better understand the culture, so I’ve been reading the Qur’an, fasting, and praying 5 times a day.

    I went to the Islamic Center for the first time the other day, and it was one of the most beautiful spiritual things a person could participate in — everyone praying, standing, bowing, kneeling and touching their heads to the ground at one time.

    Everyone was so nice and helpful. I made many new friends and was really looking forward to seeing all of them again.

    On top of it all, I gave $20 to the women selling hijab downstairs for a long skirt, and was supposed to bring the other $15 tonight and pick up the skirt — but I got a horrible cold besides the period and there is no way I am going in and infecting everyone.

    I did fairly well on the fasting and prayer times — although you will laugh at me. You know how when you have to go grocery shopping and you are fasting, you have to be on guard against accidentally picking up and eating the samples –especially if someone just hands you one?

    Well, I went into this new pet supply store to get “organic” treats for my friend’s dog. The saleslady there was also a dog trainer and after extolling the virtues of this new product line and how it is made from human-grade ingredients, she suddenly turned to me and commanded, “Open your mouth!”

    Maybe I’m not a Muslim, but I must be an obedient soul, because without a thought, I opened my mouth, and, “Plop!” She tossed in a dog biscuit. I wasn’t thinking of that being food until it was halfway down my throat that I realized what I’d done.

    Dog biscuits! I don’t know if Imams do confessions like Catholic Priests, but if they did, I bet there are no American Imams out there who had someone accidentally break their fast by eating a dog biscuit.

    Woof!! Honestly– they say that fasting can turn a woman into a real, uh, female dog, but to actually eat dog biscuits?

    What’s really bad, is that it actually tasted good, but I suffered for it within minutes, because the small morsel triggered acid production in the stomach and it made me really hungry.

    Since I’m not working right now, I’m trying to feed my 60 people using the website which raises money to feed starving people in Africa.

    You win 10 grains of rice with every correct answer, and there are sections for college English vocabulary, French, Spanish, math, science, etc..

    Sponsors on the bottom of the page pay for the rice you win. Every 100 grains of rice = 1 bowl. Each person is given 4 bowls of rice per day, so 60 people is 240 bowls of rice. So I gotta get 2,400 questions right to do this. So far, I earned close to 100 bowls of rice.

    And, no, math is not one of my bigger winning efforts.

    Really, I understand, at this point, that the feeding of 60 people and extra fasting is if you broke your fast intentionally, but now that I’ve started, it is sort of a goal.

    Well, I hope your fast and prayers are going well and that you are not feeling as caught up in a tornado these days.

    Maa Salama


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