Ramadan Rerun (Baba Ali)

In case you haven’t yet discovered this talented man, check it out.  This is his Ramadan video from Season 2 of the Reminder Series (this video is 8 minutes long.  Just wanted to let you know in case it takes your computer a long time to load videos):

To see more videos in Baba Ali’s Reminder Series or the “Ask Baba Ali” videos, go to the multimedia section of his site at Ummah Films.  (This link will take you directly to the multimedia section.)

Personally – I think this guy is fantastic.  He presents aspects of Islam in such a humorous and yet very meaningful way.  I think his videos are refreshing and real.  He has put in alot of work over the years in spreading the message of Islam.  Currently, he has been spreading the message through his comedy tour.  He is going to be on tour near me this month, so insha’allah I am going to go see him perform in person!


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