I Love Your Blog…No, I Love YOUR Blog!

Asalaamu alaykum fellow readers!  Ramadan is going along so well – I have found much to be thankful for.  Sister Aaminah at writeoussisterspeaks has graciously nominated my blog for an “I love your blog” award.  I most humbly accept this nomination!  I was very excited to find this out – and especially to be included in such a great list of other bloggers.  Please visit Aaminah’s site if you haven’t already – she has so many great links and information, including several blog carnivals which anyone (that includes non-muslims, too!) can participate in.  Lately she has been completing an online Ramadan journal – which includes her individual struggles and achievements related to fasting and other activities she has been focused on during the month.  So be sure to check it out!

In form with the rules – I would like to nominate my own blogs that I believe (whole-heartedly) deserve the “I Love Your Blog Award.” 

 Bessie Viola – A wonderful blog with reminders that we are all too human…a blog about her new parenthood and balancing a marriage, a baby, and everything in between.

Ibnat al-Hidayah (Daughter of Guidance) – always has inspirational posts, thought-provoking and interesting.

The Days Are Just Packed – Mama writer who always finds a way to make me laugh about the joys (and frustrations) of parenthood

Diary of a Muslim Girl – Shares stories of her life intertwined with her faith in Islam

Umm Malaak – the writer of this blog always seems to write from deep within her heart about the things she is going through in her life.  Raw and honest.

*Thank you to all my readers who have been so patient with me this past week.  I didn’t plan to reduce the number of posts I have been putting up, but with the start of Ramadan, I didn’t realize how busy I would be.  Thank you for continuing to send me comments of encouragement and also for still visiting.  I intend to make more of an effort to add more to the site – now that I am getting settled into my new Ramadan routine.


2 responses to “I Love Your Blog…No, I Love YOUR Blog!

  1. Thank you so much! I’m sorry I’ve been slow getting into new blogs, but I’m reading yours and enjoying it, masha’Allah. :)

  2. Myhijabpinhatesme

    I love your website, love your thoughtful posts and found the Series for New Muslims very helpful. There’s nobody around me that I can share my own experiences with as I explore Islam — I don’t want to share it with my new friends at the Mosque because I don’t want either to make them feel unduly encouraged that I am on the path to conversion, nor do I want to make them feel alienated — that somehow I have hardened my heart against the idea.

    Your site gives me a place to express all these things. Of course, I am sick with a nasty cold and feverish. It seems I have been writing all day, and I worry that tomorrow I will awake and wonder what on earth I was doing?!

    I followed your link here from a site where you were responding to a whole argument about Christianity, Islam and the stories of the New Testament.

    You had mentioned that most Muslims don’t read the New Testament and I wanted to explain the stories it contains in an Islam-friendly interpretation.

    As a former Catholic Minister of the Word (lector), I have been exploring the issues of the conflicting stories with great care since I first encountered them.

    Ministers of the Word must understand fully the complexities of every passage in order to stress the appropriate words for understanding.

    The issue of the variations in the stories is fascinating to me, and I think some of these musings and the (hopefully) scholarly responses could be helpful for those Muslims who feel the need to strengthen their understanding of Christian beliefs in order to hold up better under scrutiny.

    Of course right now I think I am finally going to fall asleep so maybe tomorrow I will find a good spot for that if it would be helpful…Good night

    Maaa Salamma

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