New Muslims Series Introduction: Am I Muslim?


As I stated in my previous post, I will be presenting a series starting in the month of Ramadan that is meant to provide support to new muslims entering into Islam.  While the topics are geared towards people new to Islam, I also aim to help “veteran” muslims understand the types of situations and experiences that new muslims go through – in hopes of bridging the gaps between the two and inspiring more communication among fellow muslims.

I will be presenting a new topic each Monday, starting on September 1, the first day of Ramadan.  I have listed each topic below.  If there are any topics not on this list that you would like to see presented, please inform me in the comments section so I can work on incorporating your new ideas. 

In addition to the basic information and personal experiences that I present, I will introduce links to other blogs, links to websites or helpful videos, and also some information on books which might add to the topic.  Please inform me of any other additional resources that you think of while reading the posts.

Here is the layout of posts I intend to present week by week (insha’allah):

The “Am I Muslim?” Series

1.  I’ve Accepted Islam…Now What?
2.  Common Phrases, Common Questions
3.  How To Tell Your Family You’re Muslim
4.  Your First Visit to the Masjid
5.  How to Start Your Prayers
6.  Five Ways to Strengthen Your Faith
7.  Now Am I Muslim? 

I welcome your feedback throughout the series, if there is anything you believe I should add or correct, please let me know.  Share with me your opinions, bring along your questions, and contribute with your own resources or information.  I hope you enjoy the series as much as I enjoy writing it.


4 responses to “New Muslims Series Introduction: Am I Muslim?

  1. Asalaamu alaikum.

    You might find this post I did a while back a helpful resource to share, inshaAllah. It lays out “What Makes A Muslim” by clearly outlining the five pillars and six articles of faith and how acceptance of those elements (even if in practice it takes time to do them all), and not introducing other elements, is what defines whether you are Muslim or not.

  2. This is really good! I’ve never seen this type of help for new-Muslims and I think each topic pretty much covers it all :)

  3. Welcome to Islam. I am also a writer and found your approach interesting. Best of luck.

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