Series for New Muslims (Coming Soon)

When I first became Muslim, I felt scared.  It was as if a whole new world had opened up and swallowed me -and I stood there, searching around for something that I could call familiar.  A few people had tried to help, offering me some website addresses, giving me prayer booklets and pamphlets like the “Brief Illustrated Guide to Islam.”  But it wasn’t information I needed.  It was a connection.  A connection to this brand, new world. 

I remember searching the internet, desperately seeking some kind of online community that could help me.  I combed the Islamic pages.  There were numerous informative articles, websites that offered basic knowledge of Islam, sites with prayer directions and hijabs for sale.  But I wasn’t looking for those things – I wanted a human experience to match what I was going through.  Someone who had been through it and had emerged on the other side successfully.  What I sought was the human element of Islam.

It took me many years to finally find the Islamic community I longed for, almost as many years as it took me to come to accept Islam.  In an effort to offer new Muslims the type of support I was so desperately longing for when I first reverted, I would like to start a series of posts aimed at helping new muslims survive the first few steps of entering into the fold of Islam. 

Tomorrow I will create a layout of the topics I will present in the coming weeks.  These topics will be geared towards helping new muslims adjusting to a new religion, but it will also provide some useful links and tips for muslims who are currently practicing also, in addition to allowing other muslims to understand the issues reverts such as myself experience and face when they first enter into the Islamic community.


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