Seventh Month and Counting…

Baby's First Ultrasound (3 months new)

Things I will miss about being pregnant:

1.  Attention and smiles from strangers
2.  Little bumps and kicks inside me
3.  Hubby-Bubby going out to get ice cream (soft-serve only) for me whenever I want
4.  Ultrasound pics
5.  Having an excuse to wear sweatpants 24/7
6.  Eating every 2 hours
7.  Sitting on the couch with Hubby and me holding our hands on my tummy
8.  Hearing both my heartbeat and the baby’s heartbeat together at the doctor’s office
9.  Hubby bringing me flowers and sweets to make me feel better on my sad days

Things I won’t miss about being pregnant:

1.  Strangers who try to reach out and touch without warning
2.  Big football-player kicks
3.  Purple Horse Pills, better known as Prenatal Vitamins
4.  Midnight, desperate must-make-it-to-the-bathroom-before-bladder-explodes urges
5.  Sitting there and nothing comes out but an ounce or two
6.  Inability to find a comfortable position to sleep in
7.  Losing sight of my toes

For those who’ve been through it already – what things do you remember of your own pregnancy that you miss (or are happy not to have to deal with now?)


3 responses to “Seventh Month and Counting…

  1. Your baby is adorable. But you already know that.

    Things I miss:
    – Movements and seeing them on the outside.
    – The complete and utter posessiveness of pregnancy. Baby was ALL MINE and I didn’t have to share.
    – Eating whatever I wanted (within relative reason).
    – All the attention.

    Don’t miss:
    – All the attention.
    – Waddling.
    – Back pain and numb hands.
    – Swollen duck feet.

    You’re doing great – I love hearing how it’s all going!!

  2. erm I am Preggo once again baby number 4 (yay) Anyways I can still input on this seeing as I have been there done that… But I will say
    ~Things I always Missed afterwards~
    *Feeling my precious little one move about in my tummy..
    * Just Being Preggo All together, (I miss my tummy ( cries)
    * Eating w/e I wanted and Getting it when I wanted .. Seemed to stop after baby came ( like Ok ur not preggo You can wait ( w/e)
    *****So much more But we will keep it short****
    ~Things I def Will not miss~
    * I wont miss The preggo Clothes
    * I wont Miss swollen Feet
    * OOOH the back pain
    * Not being able to find a comfy position
    Also Much More (lol) But all together was all so wonderful :)

  3. Aww. How cute! I don’t have a baby yet, but random strangers reaching out! Really? My mind conjured up this scary scene!

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