Today I Miss My Sisters

Today I miss my sisters. 

All of them live in other states. 

We used to ride bikes together down our dirt road.  I had a blue bike.

We rode down till we reached the bridge.  Then if one of us dared the other, someone walked carefully across one of three rusted steel beams that crossed over top of the massive ditch.  We didn’t show fear in our steps – everyone pretended they weren’t scared of falling.

Later on we sat on folding chairs and play cards in the den.  We’d toss blue, red and white poker chips onto the collapsible poker table.  We’d eat cheetos and the orange cheeto mess would smear on the Ace of Spades.  Then everyone knew who had the Ace of Spades.  But no one said anything.

Once there was a tornado.  All four of us walked down the steps into the basement.  The lights were out.  It was dark and we were in a corner.  Nobody was scared.  But our hearts beat fast and we didn’t want to breathe.  Lightning lit up the basement.

They moved away when I was in school.  I didn’t care.  Today I miss them.


2 responses to “Today I Miss My Sisters

  1. Assalam-alaikam,
    I know how you feel. I married first (I have three sisters) and moved away. I missed for ages our midnight chats, our arguments and our silly jokes. It helps they are not far away, so when I am down I visit them and have a good laugh.

    You should defo make a date to get together and just goof around and watch old movies from when you were little and eat cheeto’s (although I would opt for mum’s cooking)

  2. Myhijabpinhatesme

    There are days I miss my brother. He died many years ago. I was blessed because we both had a premonition, and in our last conversation said everything we needed to say, forgave each other our grievances and finally accepted each other without the sibling discord that comes with a 3 year difference in age and no other kids in between.

    Life is sudden. Make the time with your sisters. Send them my post if you need to light a fire under them.


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