Beauty of Allah’s Creations

Today I was eating some fruit, different kinds that I had washed and cut up and thrown all together in one big, healthy bowl.  And as I picked through it, I noticed all the different colors of it – the ripe red of the strawberries, the warm pink of the watermelon – and picking up a blueberry with my fork, I examined this beautifully colored, perfectly packaged little bite-size niblet.

How amazing are the creations Allah has given to us?  Fruit could have been all just some drab shade of brown with little taste, but instead, they carry so much flavor to them, each of its own kind, with its own texture and color and shape.  And how attractive the colors are, especially when you see them all together – green kiwi, blue blueberries, orange peaches.  It is amazing the dazzling display of colors and flavors that Allah has decorated our fruit with to make it more appealing to our eyes and our taste buds.  Subhan’allah.


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